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 ===== Examples ===== ===== Examples =====
-<note moyen>​{{:​notices:​graphique-ergonomique:​2.2.1-a.jpg?​direct|}}</​note>​ +<note moyen>​{{:​notices:​graphique-ergonomique:​2.2.1-a-en.jpg?​direct|}}</​note>​ 
-<note bien>​{{:​notices:​graphique-ergonomique:​2.2.1-b.jpg?​direct|}}</​note>​+<note bien>​{{:​notices:​graphique-ergonomique:​2.2.1-b-en.jpg?​direct|}}</​note>​
 //In this example, the “World map” is completed with the text  //In this example, the “World map” is completed with the text 
 “Our offices” to be more explicit.// “Our offices” to be more explicit.//
 ===== Related recommendations ===== ===== Related recommendations =====
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