Who should read this user guide, and how should you use it?

This document should be given to the stakeholders and/or service providers who create the functional specifications and graphic mock-ups. It should be used in addition to the project specifications, company graphic charter, and creative briefs. The recommendations may be supplemented with others, or left out, according to the circumstances. The project manager is often the most appropriate person to make this decision.

The recommendations should be taken into account during the graphic design phase, and for some of them, when creating storyboards and functional specifications.

This document can also be used by project managers to check that accessibility has been included in the wireframes, prototypes, or mock-ups supplied by the implementation teams.

There are some annotations that complete the document and should be read to understand each recommendation.

Note: Notes help complete the recommendations by providing additional details for specific or exceptional functional or graphic situations.

Warning: Warnings highlight specific points that require attention or traps to avoid in order to guarantee good accessibility.

Tip: Tips are not directly linked to accessibility, but improve the general quality of interfaces or facilitate the integration of accessibility of subsequent steps in the project. Note that the recommendations in this project, although aimed at accessibility, also improve user experience, ease of use, performance and referencing.

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