We would like give special thanks to the following ten AcceDe Web partners, and their teams, for their commitment and confidence in us.

Thanks to their support, active participation in the working groups, attentive proofreading of documents, and testing of manuals with their own web projects, the partner companies have provided indispensable experience of the subject to the Accede Web project. This has made it possible to create manuals that successfully meet the needs of the different stakeholders of a web project. These companies are also contributing to making the web more accessible by authorizing the free distribution of this content.

We would also like to thank the following organisations that gave their support, and whose actions, raised awareness of the AcceDe Web manuals and aided their distribution: AbilityNet, Agence Entreprises & Handicap, AnySurfer (Belgique), Association Valentin Haüy (AVH), Association des Paralysés de France (APF), CIGREF, Design For All Foundation, ESSEC, Handirect, Hanploi, Sciences Po and Télécom ParisTech.

We thank all the members of the proofreading committee for the quality and relevance of their comments:

  • English version: Robin Christopherson (UK - AbilityNet), Ramon Corominas (Spain - Technosite), Deborah Edwards-Onoro (USA - Lireo Design), Thomas Frandzen (Denmark - Agency for Digitisation, Ministry of Finance), Char James-Tanny, (USA - a11yBos), Matt May (USA – Adobe), Sophie Schuermans (Belgium – Anysurfer), Jared Smith (USA - WebAIM), Christophe Strobbe (Germany), Gijs Veyfeyken (Belgium – Anysurfer).
  • French version: Benjamin Ach (accessibility expert), Vincent Aniort (APF), Jean-Baptiste Audras (University of Grenoble), Claire Bizingre (accessibility consultant), Victor Brito (accessibility consultant), Anna Castilla (Provaltis), Ève Demazière (Sciences Po), Nicolas Fortin (French Ministry of Media and Culture), Marc-Étienne Vargenau (Alcatel-Lucent) and Éric Vidal (Fédération des aveugles de France), as well as all the teams of our partner companies.

Finally, we would like to thank Laurent Bracquart and Johan Ramon, Christophe Pineau and Marion Santelli, whose dedication, within Atalan’s teams, made sure this project had a successful outcome.

Sébastien Delorme, Sylvie Goldfain. Atalan.

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