2.1.1. Enter an accurate <title> on each page

You must provide a well-defined <title> tag on each page.

It must at least include the name of the current page as well as the name of the website.


The name of the current page must be shown first in the <title> tag. You could for example have the title, <title>[Name of current page] | [website name]</title>.


Sometimes, pages are reloaded with modified content, following a user action.

This is the case:

  • When using filters, such as keyword clouds.
  • When using pagination.
  • When an expression is searched from a search form.
  • Etc.

In this case, you need to update the title of the page to reflect what has changed. For example:

<title>Search results for "[searched expression]" (page 3/7) | [Name of website]</title>


It is an accessibility best practice to make sure the order of content in the <title> tags on all pages in the website is consistent.

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