6.1.2. As a last resort, use the title attribute to make link and button texts explicit that cannot be made clear otherwise

Some link or button links cannot be made explicit (lack of available space on the screen, editorial choice, etc.). This is often the case for “Read on” or “More information” type links.

In this context, the title attribute should be used to state the function of the link or button.

The value of the title attribute must both:

  • Retrieve the same or equivalent text to that conveyed in the link or button text.
  • Complete the information supplied by the link or button text.

For example, in the case of a link “July 2012”:

<a href="archives/2012/07/" title="July 2012 (read the month’s articles)">July 2012</a>


Using the title attribute to make a link or button text explicit will always be less accessible than the direct optimisation of the heading. The content of the title attribute is not displayed by default when navigating with the keyboard, or when using a touch screen, for example.

This attribute should therefore only be used as a last resort.


With “Read on” or “More information” type links, it is a good accessibility practice to move this information to the end of the title attribute content in order to make access to important information easier:

<a href="public-listing.html" title="Boursicota Public Listing (read on)">Read on </a>


The title attribute must also be used to differentiate links or buttons with texts that may be considered explicit, but which point to different pages or trigger different actions.

For example, in the case of two “Search” buttons on the same page, which therefore need to be differentiated:

<input type="submit" value="Search" title="Search news" />
<input type="submit" value="Search" title="Search for a person in the directory" />

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