1.3. Implement alternatives to Flash

Each time that content or functionalities are produced with Flash, remember to put an alternative into place. The alternative should allow the user to access similar content or functionalities, in the event that a Flash reader is either not installed or activated on the user workstation.

The table below shows some standard uses of Flash, with alternatives for when the Flash reader is either deactivated or not installed.

When Flash is available When Flash is disabled
A Flash video player can be used to show video content. An HTML5 video player can be used to show video content, or a link to download the content can be supplied for each video.
A chronological frieze in Flash recounts the history of a company. The history of a company is shown in HTML content.


For accessibility, it is considered good practice to provide a link to the alternative version near the Flash animation. The idea is to allow users to access the alternative version, even if Flash is available. For a chronological frieze, for example, you could provide a link “Alternative version of chronological frieze”.


If JavaScript is used to load a Flash animation, make sure the animation is loaded properly when JavaScript is not activated. It is possible for a Flash reader to be installed even though JavaScript is deactivated.

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