7.3.1. Update the page <title> when a page returns an error or a confirmation message

Each time that a form returns an error or a confirmation message, the page <title> tag must be updated.

For example, in the case of success:

<title>Confirmation – Contact form | [Name of website]</title>

And in the case of error:

<title>Error – Contact form | [Name of website]</title>

In some circumstances, it is not necessary to update the page title because the title displayed after submitting the form makes the result of the action obvious. For example:

  • A connection form that sends the user to a “User profile” page.
  • A “Go to the next step” button which sends the user to the next step in a form with multiple steps.
  • A contact form that sends the user to a preview page.
  • Etc.

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