Who should read this user guide, and how should you use it?


This document should not be given to contributing editors in its current state.

It is a template to be modified or completed for each project or publishing tool used in order to design an editorial accessibility charter. It is also possible to include content from this template in the existing user manual for the publishing software.

Indications have been added in this template to show the items that can be modified according to the publishing software used. You may also need to delete some editorial recommendations if the publishing tool does not permit the user to implement them.

Items that can be customized in the template are identified with inserts like this.

When you have finished customizing the template, the contents can be distributed to:

  • Contributing editors ;
  • Organisers of websites, intranets or online communities ;
  • Webmasters ;
  • etc.

There are some annotations that complete the document and should be read to understand each recommendation.

Note: Notes help complete the recommendations by providing additional details for specific or exceptional functional or graphic situations.

Warning: Warnings highlight specific points that require attention or traps to avoid in order to guarantee good accessibility.

Tip: Tips are not directly linked to accessibility, but improve the general quality of interfaces or facilitate the integration of accessibility of subsequent steps in the project. Note that the recommendations in this project, although aimed at accessibility, also improve user experience, ease of use, performance and referencing.

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