6.3. Declare inline quotes and block quotes

When quotes are included in the content, use the tools in the publishing software designed for this purpose rather than using simple paragraphs inside quotation marks. This means that assistive devices such as braille displays, or voice synthesizers can announce the presence of a quote.

There are two types of quotation:

  1. Inline quotes that are inserted within a sentence or paragraph.
  2. Block quotes that form isolated blocks and can be read outside their context.

The “Blockquote” button is used to transform the selected text into a block quote.

If the publishing software does not have a feature for entering inline quotes, then you need to use quotation marks on their own.

In this insert, specify the procedures for entering inline quotations or block quotes.

Delete this recommendation if the publishing software does not have tools for inline and block quotes.

Quotes and block quotes must only be used to highlight quotes. They should not be used, for example, to format text in italic or obtain an indented paragraph.

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