5. Use bulleted and numbered lists correctly

Whenever bulleted and numbered lists are included in the content, use the appropriate tools in the publishing software for this purpose, rather than entering dashes or numbers from the keyboard with carriage returns.

Use the buttons “Unordered list” (bulleted list) or “Ordered list (numbered list) instead of dashes and carriage returns.

In this insert, describe the tools for creating lists.

Note: difference between a numbered list and a bulleted list

Use a numbered list when the order of items is important, in other words the information will not be understood if the items are written in a different order (steps for following a recipe, items classified in alphabetical order, etc.).

Use a standard bulleted list when the order of items is unimportant.

Lists have to be used only to highlight lists of items. It is important not to use them simply to display a bullet point before a paragraph, for example.

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