6.2.1. Indicate the size and format of each document that can be downloaded

Each time a link or button points to a document that can be downloaded, the following information must be included in the link text:

  • Document name.
  • Document format.
  • Document size.

For example:

<a href="2011-annual-report.pdf">Download the 2011 annual report (PDF, 23 Mb)</a>


If symbols are used to visually indicate the format of documents that can be downloaded, make sure you include the image in the link text (hard-coded in the HTML code) and enter a value for the alternate text of the image.

For example:

<a href="2011-annual-report.pdf">
    Download the 2011 annual report (23 Mb)
    <img src="images/pdf-symbol.png" alt="(PDF)" title="(PDF)" />


Sometimes, the text cannot be modified to include this information. In this case, and as a last resort, use the ''link'' or button title attribute to retrieve and complete the link or button text..

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